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Jun 23, 2022

After a period of lockdowns and mandatory working from home, everyone is finding their way back to the office. Hybrid working, the combination of working from home and working on location, is permanent for many Dutch people. This transition makes companies consider the future: what does the work journey look like for employees? Current issues for many organizations are: ‘What does the increasing degree of working from home mean for us as an organisation?’ And: ‘How do I set up a sustainable working environment for hybrid working?’

The office changes from a permanent workplace to a meeting place, where people go to discuss, brainstorm and collaborate.

What does hybrid working mean for your organization? How do you get employees back to the office and how do you design a sustainable work environment?

Michiel Verlaak (NVM), Casper Schwarz (Casper Schwarz architects) and Ramon Beijen (CBRE Design Collective) give their vision on this theme.

Hybrid working whitepaper

Presentation Michiel Verlaak (Dutch)


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