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QbiQ Wall Systems

QbiQ partitions are Cradle to Cradle Silver certified.

The Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate proves beyond doubt that QbiQ uses proven non-toxic raw materials in its wall systems; that QbiQ is committed to minimal use of materials, recycling and reuse; and that QbiQ has been assessed for sustainable energy and water consumption and working conditions. Semi-finished products from third parties are also C2C certified and meet the highest requirements, for example in terms of acoustics.

Aesthetics, transparency and sustainability are united without concessions. 

Our wall systems are designed to be so minimalistic that raw materials can be used very efficiently.  And our own recycling method guarantees that all the materials in our walls are recycled to a high standard after use. There is no waste.

QbiQ has been demonstrably at the forefront of sustainability for years and has held the Cradle to Cradle Bronze certificate since 2016. At QbiQ we find it self-evident that we use as many basic products as possible from suppliers who are also C2C certified.

Why is C2C Silver special?

The C2C Silver certification was awarded to all QbiQ wall systems at the beginning of 2020. Also for our transparent walls in which laminated glass is used. Until recently, suppliers of glass walls could only hold the C2C Silver certificate for tempered glass. QbiQ is the first partitions supplier able to realise C2C Silver certified transparent and closed walls with a high acoustic quality.

This is great news because Cradle to Cradle Silver means that suppliers must also be C2C certified. This means that the whole chain is held to Cradle to Cradle standards in terms of reusability of materials, proven non-toxicity of raw materials, responsible use of water and energy consumption. In addition, the social aspect counts; how is dealt with the socially responsible deployment of workforces.

For QbiQ it is important to obtain the C2C Silver certificate without losing sight of the minimalist and transparent design of the wall systems. Moreover, the acoustic quality of the C2C Silver wall systems is being maintained.

In addition to continuously innovating our portfolio, we challenge partners in the construction chain to also take their responsibility for our world. By organising the C2C Cafés and actively promoting the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, QbiQ Wall Systems provides room for sustainable initiatives.

Being aware of the changing world in which we take responsibility and do business sustainably with an eye for people, planet and society.

QbiQ. The Green Option.

Contact info

QbiQ b.v.
Hoorn 234
2404 HK  Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands


Marianne van der Sande
Brand Manager
Tel.: +31(0) 6 136 196 29



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